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mediaFRIENDS specialize in IT Solutions, including Managed IT Services, Endpoint Protection, Cloud Services, Network Services, Professional IT Services, and Hardware Systems.
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mediaFRIENDS is your trusted IT solutions partner with over a decade of experience. Our dedication to cost-effective IT solutions is unmatched in the industry, empowering your business to achieve its goals. We specialize in Managed IT Services, Endpoint Protection Services, Disaster Recovery, Cloud Services, IT Support Services, ICT Consulting, Network Management and more. Our long-term client relationships and commitment to customer satisfaction are at the heart of what we do. No matter your IT needs, we provide personalized solutions and superior customer service.
IT Support

mediaFRIENDS: Help businesses to gain full potential.

In today’s digital age, technology is the backbone of of every business to streamline operations and fueling growth. To ensure seamless and efficient business operations, a dependable ICT services partner is essential.

mediaFRIENDS: Innovative Solutions Tailored for Success.

At mediaFRIENDS, we recognize the distinctiveness of every business. We are dedicated to providing innovative and tailored solutions that not only empower your business to reach its full potential but also catalyze growth.

Fleet Management

By following the critical timelines developed in the transportation and logistics industry, mediaFRIENDs Inc’s proven track record provides confidence in providing customers with IT infrastructure that can meet the industry’s highest demands.


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Healthcare and Dental

We offer customized solutions for individual practice support, family health teams and specialist groups as well as pharmacies and the dental industry. Let our team of knowledgeable IT professionals manage your ongoing IT needs so you can focus on patient care.

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Wireless Internet Solutions

Step into the future of connectivity! In today’s hyperconnected world, businesses thrive on seamless and reliable internet access. At mediaFRIENDS, we’ve assembled a dedicated team to design state-of-the-art Wireless Internet services, ensuring you stay seamlessly connected in the fast-paced digital landscape. With speeds that rival traditional fiber optics and reliability that surpasses expectations, mediaFRIENDS is your gateway to a new era of connectivity.

Project Management

We provide construction design and project management services with attention to detail and expertise, at no significant upfront cost.

IT Solution Partner

Focus On Your Business

We provide tailor-made solutions which gives truly rewarding shape to your business. As a result, we eliminate downtime, so you keep growing and taking your business to new success.

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